CUBE Creative

CUBE is created by designers, for designers.

We asked and you answered. You need services that are convenient, flexible, and truly make it easier for you to create the success you want and get the recognition you deserve.

Sample Library

There’s no longer need to run around the city looking for samples. Our online catalogue has an extensive collection of high quality, exotic samples and materials from around the world. Easily download images to use in mood boards to send to your clients. You can even reserve to borrow a physical sample. We have products from a wide array of vendors. This will save you time, money and headache.

'Blank Canvas'
Presentation Room

Designed and built to have your clients fully appreciate your design ideas. With indirect natural light, ample display space, a 40” high-definition TV with the ability to mirror your laptop display and white glove concierge service, you will impress your clients even before they see your work.

Luxury Resource

Experienced designers know that one of the significant differences between good and amazing design is the materials used. CUBE has searched around the world for unique, exceptional high-end products and materials to make your most demanding clients swoon.
The Luxury Resource saves you the extensive time and effort of finding and sourcing extraordinary products, and gets you as close to the manufacturer as possible.

The Boardroom

When you’ve moved past the design presentation phase and just need an elegant room to negotiate, close a deal, or update your client, the Boardroom is the perfect place.

Design Style Gallery

Meet with your client in one of 7 rooms that give clarity to a variety of luxurious design styles. Elevate your client’s mood simply by meeting in a beautiful space. Quickly and easily address design options by inspecting actual physical examples.

Inspiration Gallery

Like Pinterest and Houzz, but with a critical difference. Browse through the hundreds of installed projects and allow your client to lead you into the budget conversation. These projects include “insider” information only recognizable to you, allowing you to easily demonstrate your deep industry knowledge to your client. Even better, the design details are included, which makes it easy to implement any of the ideas you find.

Studio Tour

A truly fabulous approach to a first meeting with a client. Take them for a tour through what you can call “your” entire studio.
Guaranteed to impress and communicate your status as a designer. The client will feel they are in a candy shop, and they’ll be even more inspired by your creativity when they see and touch so many options. You will effortlessly identify your client’s tastes and budget range.

In the Heart of Vancouver

Could you ask for a more convenient and strategically placed location?

Not only are we close to affluent Vancouver neighbourhoods, we’re also a stone’s throw from dozens of relevant services and vendors (plumbing, tile, appliances, paint, and many more).

Beyond that, coffee shops, restaurants, the seawall… what better place for your firm to call home.

Come for a tour of CUBE Studio.
You’ll need to see it to believe it.