Design Sample Management System

Making sample loans easy... for everyone.

CUBE’s proprietary sample management system is an integration of policies, practices and software tools that keeps your collection constantly, consistently and conveniently available to your clients.

All the benefits & none of the hassle

We administer the loans of samples through our proprietary online library system. We reorder and update your sample collection as needed. We direct client communications to your designated staff member, AND provide assistance to your clients (based on your training). Your clients also have access to the CUBE design planning area to work with samples

How it works

Borrowers provide their contact AND credit card information, so they can receive automated reminders and be automatically charged as necessary. There is an initial free 48 hour loan period. There is a $20/day per item late fee (after the initial 48 hrs). Full replacement fee auto-charged (after 5 days or if returned damaged). Take a peek at our library system.

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